The Crow’s Nest, located at 288 Arnold’s Neck Drive in Warwick has been the home of a restaurant since the mid sixties. It was originally opened as a chowder house by the marina owner and a partner. They called it the Crow’s Nest Restaurant and featured many of the same items we do today! The building was sold 2-3 times over the years but always kept the name Crow’s Nest.

Sometime in the 1980’s the building sustained a fire and was rebuilt the way it is today. In the spring of 1992, after being closed for 2 years, my family took ownership of the building. This gave my husband and I the opportunity to have our own business. We both had been in the restaurant business for many years. Even though the restaurant business can be difficult we decided to give it a try and it has been a great success.

We are fortunate to have many dedicated employees both in the kitchen and the front of the house. Thanks to their ability to go the extra mile for the customer we can look forward to another 20 years!